The Happiest Days of Our Lives

According to new research conducted by the candy brand Juicy Drop Pop, and reported in the Daily Mail this week, the happiest years of our lives are either at the ages of 9, or 68!

A total of 2,000 people between the ages of five and 80 were surveyed with the aim being to understand the exact points in life where Britons prioritise fun.

Almost two thirds of those aged 68 claimed that having fun was one of the most important driving forces in their lives, a sentiment shared by 80 percent of those aged nine.

Almost three quarters of those in their 20s and 40s said having fun did not even register in importance compared to other priorities such as paying off debts and furthering careers.

And interestingly, almost half the children surveyed believe their grandparents are far more fun than any other family member!

In another “Wellbeing” study conducted on behalf of the UK Government by the Office for National Statistics more than 2,000 people have so far been quizzed to provide a fuller picture of the state of society than is given by traditional economic indicators.

To the surprise of no one, the statisticians concluded that job security, relationships with families and health top the list of what makes people content, with 88 per cent of respondents stating that these things matter most to them in life. People are more interested in having a steady job than wealth, concerned about their children’s future, and also cite freedom of society and religious beliefs.

So it would appear then that our happiness levels peak at an age just before we assume any proper responsibilities in life and then come crashing down as we turn to worrying about our jobs, our finances and our relationships, only to return to the heady heights once again when we reach retirement, when presumably we find ourselves once more without any significant responsibilities.

But shouldn’t happiness be dependent on internal rather than external factors? Shouldn’t our happiness be more a function of our attitude than our circumstances? Are we doomed to be unhappy in life just because we have a job, a mortgage or less than perfect health from time to time?

Happiness is having the right perspective.

Allow yourself to see the good in every situation and focus on positive things. Like a camera lens, you can choose to zoom in on the good. Give yourself permission to be happy right now – instead of searching for a place of happiness, learn to discover that happiness is a state of being.

Give yourself permission to be happy.

Allow yourself to be happy by allowing yourself to be you. Free yourself from the internal pressure to be like someone else. Allow your joy to depend solely on what is in your heart. Allow your happiness to come from relationships and experiences, not from material possessions.

Happiness is free and it is always available to you if you choose to seize it.




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