Why the rich become richer…

The Rich Become RicherWe are told that despite the global economic recession going on around us right now, there never been more opportunities to start your own business, especially in the online world, and there are a myriad of opportunities just waiting to be realized by simply following the tried and tested methods of countless successful individuals who have already become multi-millionaires in this internet marketing revolution.

But sadly, even though pretty much anyone can follow this path to financial freedom, few actually do, because they don’t truly believe that they can… They are held back by the conditioning they have received throughout their lives around the “norms” of making money. You know the “norm” – you leave school or university, you get a good steady job, you work hard for 40 years or so getting promoted along the way, diligently saving and contributing to your pension, and then by the miracle of compound interest and with some good fortune in the markets, you can enjoy your retirement with a modicum of financial freedom.

Well if this is such a great way to become wealthy, then how come more of us aren’t, and how come so many of us are totally fed up and disillusioned with such an existence, and constantly seek out a more enlightened approach?

Unfortunately the majority of us, even though we might wish and hope for more, will never make this shift change in our approach because of our mindset. Our conditioning has left us with a “lack” mentality and a fear of never having enough in our lives.

It’s been said that, Millionaires want Freedom – everyone else wants security and comfort; Millionaires have an abundance mentality (there’s more than enough to go round) – everyone else has a scarcity mentality.

Millionaires behave differently because they think differently, and they achieve success because they think and act according to a different set of rules to the masses.

At the core of their thinking lies a central, prevailing belief about the rules and principles of generating wealth which throws conventional thinking out of the window. They tend to take more risks because they are not afraid of the consequences of failure, viewing failure as a necessary step towards their ultimate goal of success.

They are not constrained by the need for the security of a regular job, and therefore are able to recognize and act on many more entrepreneurial opportunities, playing the numbers game in that the more things they try, the more likely they are to have success.

In short they have a millionaire mindset.

Jim Rohn once wrote:

Becoming a millionaire is not that difficult, but it is not the most important thing. The most important part of becoming a millionaire is the person that you have to become in order to accumulate a million dollars in the first place.

This is how success guru Brian Tracy follows up on this quote:

This is a wonderful insight. In order to become wealthy you must develop a completely different mindset from the average person who worries about money for most of his life. You must develop a completely different character, personality and set of habits if you are to achieve your financial goals and then hold on to the money once you acquire it.

What this means is that you can have the all the knowledge and skills you need to begin your own business and you can have the best tools and strategies at your disposal. But if you have a poor attitude and mindset, all the knowledge, tools and strategies will not do you much good.

Beliefs are very powerful indeed. They create your mindset and, for the most part, dictate the degree of success you will achieve in your life. Change your beliefs and you change your mindset.

Change your mindset and you change your life!

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