Need Some Motivation?

BeFunky_mon143007Well guys, the New Year is upon us… Will you be setting yet another health and fitness goal this New Year?

Even to the hardened couch potato, there can be little doubting the importance of regular exercise in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

But knowing something and taking action as a result of what you know can often be a hard gap to bridge. As Brian Tracy once quoted, “Good habits are hard to form, but easy to live with. Bad habits on the other hand are easy to form but hard to live with.”

The desire to “get healthy”, or to “get fit” is practically an innate human condition and if you are in any doubt about this then just look at the tell tale signs all around us each January, as seasonal excesses trigger our “guilt buttons”:

  • Gym parking lots are fuller than usual and membership applications peak;
  • Television adverts for “quit smoking” and “lose weight” products fill our screens;
  • Weight loss clubs begin canvassing, and again, memberships peak;
  • Magazines and newspapers are full of “detox” programs, and healthy food adverts;
  • The streets are busier than usual with joggers and cyclists;
  • Sales of home gym exercise products soar.

And so the list goes on. Of course advertisers are very well aware of the psychological effect on us as the calendar rolls over from December 31st to January 1st, and they tap into the great human desire for positive change, offering us products and services which can magically bring our goals into reality.

And yet how many people will reach the end of the year either no better, or slightly worse off than when the year began?

The fact is, goal setting is the easy part – it’s very easy to get inspired, enthused and motivated at the beginning, and to set noble and lofty goals for ourselves. But it’s how we stick to those goals and ambitions once the initial euphoria wears off (usually sometime towards the end of January). Goal setting is easy – making lasting, permanent change in our lives is not.

Need some motivation?

Ok, before you set any goals for yourself this New Year, just watch this video clip first…

Watch it and then reach deep down inside yourself; just like the guy in the video, set an outrageous and preposterous goal which would change your life and the lives of those around you for ever.


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