Laser Focus

Laser FocusYou like to keep busy right? And you like to be as productive as possible, and you believe that your ability to multi-task can help you to get a lot more done in a short space of time… But is that really the case? If you ever find yourself dealing with more than one major project in your life at any one time you may be very familiar with the concept of multitasking. Maybe you even have more than two major projects to deal with. Or how about more than three, or more than four or five even? In our world today, with so much “good stuff” going on, it can be very tempting to want to take a piece of everything, until we become like jugglers struggling to keep more and more balls in the air at the same time, or a plate spinner rushing around frantically trying to keep all the plates spinning, yet still adding more… Picture the scenario – you have 4 or 5 “great ideas” that you are working on when along comes great idea number 6. It seems such a fantastic opportunity, and you don’t want to let it pass you by, so you agree to take it on resolving to fit it in somehow. Then a couple of weeks later, along comes great idea number 7. And boy, this one is hot – the one you’ve been waiting for! The problem is, by now you’ve already forgotten what number one was, and you’ve probably stopped working on numbers 2 and 3 as well… And then along comes number 8… Multitasking, when applied in context can be a very useful skill, but in reality though, multitasking several large projects, all at the same time, causes you to lose focus and lose momentum. Effort becomes diluted and priorities become confused. Expert marketer and online publisher, Mike Filsaime proposes a radical new solution to this problem of managing multiple projects: Focus on a single project at a time… Now this may sound almost too simple to be taken seriously, but numerous studies have shown that this one technique alone, if practiced diligently, can dramatically increase the success you achieve in life. All you need is the discipline to figure out which project is the one that will bring the greatest positive change if you could deliver it and then stick with it until you succeed. Take massive action towards that one goal on a daily basis and park the other ones until you are ready to give them your full attention also. You can see Mike explain these concepts in more detail in this short YouTube clip…


Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus. Alexander Graham Bell


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