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My vision in creating the Compass Coaching blog is simple – I aim to serve a community of like-minded individuals who share a common interest in personal development and a hold a shared belief that each one of us can become all that we are capable of being if we have the right tools, the right motivation, the right mind set and the right attitude.

I believe that the desire to learn and grow, and to develop ourselves through a process of lifelong learning is universal in its appeal. It is independent of age, gender, race, culture, or any other socio-demographic division. From the youngest person just starting out on their life journey, to the busy professionals and homebuilders juggling the many demands of modern life, through to the eternally youthful baby boomers embracing their post working lives as an opportunity to expand their horizons even further.

With this as my underlying philosophy and guiding principle I have been mindful of the need to create something that has a broad appeal – literally something for everyone and you will find that the post categories on this site reflect the broad subject areas I am endeavouring to address.

Equally the informal editorial style and broad range of content has been intentional so as to meet these diverse but interrelated needs. My aim is to create an experience which makes for a light, easy read, though at the same time not being afraid to deal with some more heavyweight issues, affecting us all.

The Compass Personal Success Magazine

A key feature of my blog is the online ‘Compass’ magazine. The current magazine and all back issues will be available to access through free subscription to our site, with pdf downloads for all issues available to subscribers also. These magazines are free to read, download and enjoy!

Also, if you own an iPad you will find The Compass Personal Success Magazine listed in the Newsstand App Store – again totally free to download and enjoy.

Please be aware that occasionally you will see selected affiliate products featured on this site, and in the magazine. This is how I fund the production of these resources (with my faithful team of one!)  and the reason I am able to offer the magazine for free. If you should decide to make a purchase through any of the affiliate links then note that I will make a commission from these sales (although it costs you nothing extra, I should add!). No pressure or strong arm sales tactics from my side – simply that if you decide a particular product is useful to you, and decide to buy it, then I get to benefit in a small way too. (Win-Win!)

I welcome your feedback and comments through the individual posts on this site or through the Contact form in the header menu. Thanks for stopping by – I hope you enjoy your visit and I look forward to engaging further with you through your feedback and comments!


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