7 Day eCoach


Welcome to the 7 Day eCoach – a 7 day personal development training program.


Over the course of the next 7 days you can gain free access to 7 video training sessions, plus accompanying exercises in downloadable PDF format, where we will examine your life on 7 different levels.

Day 1 – Define Your Major Definite Purpose

Day 2 – Using Goals to Set Your Target

Day 3 – Making Action Automatic

Day 4 – Facing Your Fears

Day 5 – Develop Your Mind

Day 6 – Practice Persistence

Day 7 – Get a Coach or Mentor

On each day you will get the chance to look into your life and get some insights, and actually start planning out a more successful future for yourself, whether that’s in your business life, your personal life, your financial life, your relationships, or literally any other area of your life in which you would like to make improvements.

This course will allow you to focus on those areas where you want to see improvements, and even in the areas where you are already doing well, you can gain new improvements and build more growth into your life.

To get started, simply enter a current email address in the sign up form where we can send the daily lessons, and we’ll do the rest!

If you have already signed up then there is nothing else to do – each of the remaining 7 lessons will be delivered to your inbox inĀ the coming days, so be sure to check your mail each day!

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